Honolulu, Oahu, Waikiki, HAWAII

Monticello to Festival 2019

This trip is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students. The cultural and historical experiences will be world class, and of course, the performances will be great! It is going to take you all to get our kiddos there and help them be successful musical, academically, and financially. You will be making dreams come true!

Updates and information will be found here, in the newsletter, and for the students on Spartan Edition.

We will be doing numerous letter writing, grant writing, payment plans, King Sooper Cards, and fundraising events. This will need detailed planning and 100% effort from each member of the ensemble, parents, and chaperones. Additionally, we will have two on-going fundraisers. A) A coffee/tea cart every Friday and every day during finals. Students will be running this, I'll be getting the set-up i.e. coffee, tea, cream, sugar, etc. B) Snap fund is a program similar to GoFundMe, but the large difference is that they will be coming in and filming the students in action, putting together a professional press-type release through their website and creating a link for us. All students have to do is have 20 emails ready to go. The funds for both of these will go to the group as a whole, not anyone individual.

FUNDRAISER #1-Kona Hawaiian Shave Ice: Date TBD

FUNDRAISER #2- Car wash: the first Saturday of the Fall Semester

FUNDRAISER #3-Popcornopolis: Date November

FUNDRAISER #4, #5, & #6 Chipotle, Slices, Firehouse/Milk and Cake: Date TBD

FUNDRAISER #7- Hawaiian 5k Run/Walk: Date TBD