Solfege Handsigns
These are the signs we assign to pitch to help us accurately read the music without the use of the piano. It is primarily done during sight-reading or sight-singing.
Solfege hand signs.jpg
Solfege Hand Signs
Hand Sign Meanings

A cursory knowledge of all of these will make your music reading and comprehension that much better as we go.


Major Scale

Minor Scale

Melodic Minor

Harmonic Minor


Major 2nd

Minor 2nd

Major 3rd

Minor 3rd

Perfect 4th

Descending Perfect 4th

Perfect 5th

Descending Perfect 5th

Major 6th

Minor 6th

Major 7th

Minor 7th

Descending Major 2nd

Descending Minor 2nd

Descending Major 3rd

Descending Minor 3rd

Descending Major 6th

Descending Minor 6th

Descending Major 7th

Descending Minor 7th